Goo Gone to the Rescue

Goo Gone.  Have you ever heard of this stuff?  Aunt Judy shared the secret with me, so now I’m sharing it with you.

Everyone should have a bottle in your home.  Really.  The other day I was trying to get a sticker off a new platter and it just wasn’t happening.

I wonder why businesses think it’s important to apply a sticker that will never, ever, ever, not even in a nuclear attack, ever come off.  I don’t get it.  Who is going to use a new plate or a lamp or chair and leave the sticker on for ever after?

“Mr. Rosey, come see the new lamp I bought for the family room and don’t you love the sticker too?”  Ahhhh…. I don’t think so.

So Goo Gone to the rescue!!  Squirt a little on the sticker and go clear the dishwasher.

When you’re done with emptying the dishwasher, the sticker will come off.  It just takes a few minutes.  I don’t know what’s in this stuff.  No, I didn’t read the label.  But it smells like oranges.

Waa Laa!  No sticker.  Beautiful platter.  And an empty dishwasher.  All in the little bottle of Goo Gone.



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