I Gotta Make the Waffles

About 17 times a day, the girls do or say something innocent and yet extremely funny.  This is one of those times.  When we get home from school, the girls always want “second lunch”, as I like to call it.  Earlier in the day, Little Miss C  said she wanted waffles for second lunch.  Fine by me.

When we got home, I start to unpack lunch boxes and backpacks, sort mail and remind the girls to hang up coats and put away shoes, gloves and hats.  Normal stuff.  Little Miss C  asks for her waffle.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Let me finish putting all this stuff put away.  Give me 5 minutes.

“Momma, can I please have a waffle?”  Yeah.  Yeah.  In a minute.

“Momma, I really want a waffle.”  Yeah. Yeah.  Hold on a second.  (See the time amounts decreasing.  Somehow I subconsciously know my time is running out.)

Then she comes to the table where I’m sorting through school work.  “Momma, I got it all ready for you.”  Huh?  “The stuff to make me waffles.”  Oh yeah.  My time is up.  I gotta get the waffles or bedlam will break out.

And this is what I see, so I can make her waffles….

Is that not the cutest?  I start laughing and Little Miss C is totally wondering why.  I can’t help it.  It’s funny and adorable.

Then I grab the camera, because I want to remember this moment and I ask Little Miss C to jump in the picture.  Little Miss C is at the picture stage where we get one of two faces.  It’s either goofy Little Miss C as above or it’s I’m smiling and I think I’m smiling nicely, but really I’m trying to show you every tooth in my mouth with a frozen smile.

Some day we’ll get back to the genuine smile.  Either way, it’s cute.  Waffles anyone?



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