The Castaways

I finished reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand.

<!–more–>The first book I read by Hilderbrand was The Island and I really liked it, so I wanted to try another of her books. The Castaways is set on Nantucket Island. The story is about four couples, let’s call them A&B, C&D, E&F, G&H and how their lives intertwine through friendship and marriage. As an aside, it doesn’t really matter what their names are, as the characters are not memorable.

The story opens with the death of G&H in a boating accident and the story progresses to find out what happened. Ahhh… a mystery. I like mysteries. Except… this wasn’t really a mystery. It was a depressing story of self-absorbed people. B is in a self-induced walking coma via prescription drugs, because her brother died on 9/11, ten years earlier. F is unhappy with her life and wants to be free of her husband and two kids and oh yes, wants to “be” with G. But G is dead, so she temporarily decides to kidnap her two children and G&H’s two children. Why? I have no idea. H does have an affair with A, because she’s not happy with G and B is doped up. (We learn about the affair, as clues are revealed to answer the question about why the G&H died.) C is the police chief trying to unravel what happened on the sailboat and his wife, D, can’t function as wife and mom because her cousin, H, is now dead. F is the only level-headed character, but still is a workaholic farmer.

As I was reading the book, I wanted to stop reading. I didn’t care for the characters and their moral choices. I didn’t like the storyline. I did want an answer to the mystery. Why did the sailboat sink? So I kept reading. Of course, there is no answer to this question.

So I get to the end of the book and all the skeletons are out of the closet. We still don’t know how and why the sailboat sank. We learn the characters made choices and there were actions that contributed to the deaths of G&H, but we never really know. And then out of the blue, there is a neat, little bow to wrap things up. The characters go on to live supposed happy lives on Nantucket, minus G&H, with no consequence for the skeletons. They’re all happily married and bonds of friendship are solid again. Yeah, right.

In a nutshell and this is just my opinion —- yuk!



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