Blue Monday

Did you know that today, January 23rd, is officially Blue Monday?  Yep, it’s official.  I guess it’s based on the weather + debt from Christmas + the time since Christmas fun + sliding off the new year’s resolution bandwagon (Do you make new year’s resolutions?  I don’t.) + level of motivation combined with the need to take action + blah blah blah.  Whatever.

Every Monday has a bit of blue for me, because the weekend is over and Mr. Rosey is back at work and the girls are in school.  So what are some things to do to put a little skip in your step on Blue Monday?<!–more–>

1)  Talk to someone who makes you smile.  Yep, for me…that’s Mr. Rosey.  I’ll call his office to chat and sometimes he answers and sometimes not.  If I get the answering machine, I imagine him wearing the t-shirt below and I listen to his voice.  It’s better than nothing.  It’s worth noting that I graduated from Purdue.  Sadly, Mr. Rosey didn’t.  He graduated from U of Michigan.  Sense a little rivalry???

2)  Give a hug.  Get a hug.  What better way to boost your spirits?

3)  Watch a funny movie.  I saw The Princess Bride with my sister, Mary Colleen, in college and I swear, we laughed and laughed.  We laughed so hard my stomach hurt, I had tears in my eyes and the other folks in the theater thought we were nutso or had some strange laughing disorder.

4)  Watch a love story.  For some, this may not make you happy.  It might bring on more blues.  But it’s my list, so it stays on.  When I watch An Affair to Remember, I always get an “ahhhh… so sweet” feeling.  Love it.  I bet Sissy, my niece, does too.

5)  Build a cozy fire and curl up with a good book.  There’s nothing like the smell, the sound, the feel of a crackling fire.  Nothing like it.  For good book ideas, go here.  Add a little popcorn and you’re all set.  Bring on the smiles.

6)  Get a little sunshine and exercise.  Take a good walk outside and breathe the fresh air.  It’ll get your heart pumping and even on a cloudy day, you’ll still get a vitamin D boost.

7)  Eat an ice cream cone.  Every kid loves an ice cream cone and there’s a little kid in each of us.  Go for it!  You just walked outside.  Yum.  Yum.

So that’s my list to cure the Monday blues.  Which ones will help you?

Mr. Rosey came home from work and suggested #8 for the blue buster list.  He changed his screen saver on his phone to a summer fun scene of the girls. Another good idea!



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