The Colors of the Beach

A few days ago it was one of those yucky, winter days in the midwest.  It’s gone from rain to sleet to snow with lots ‘o wind and cold temps thrown in for fun.  Yeah… not really fun.

On a day like that, I start thinking about the beach and wishing I was there.  I love the sound of the waves…the feel of sand underfoot…the smells of the beach…the squinty bright sunshine…the taste of ice cream from Blue Cow.  The beach is such a happy place for our family.

Because I love the beach, I want to bring the colors that remind me of the beach into our home.  There are so many colors to choose – the muted colors of the sand, the shimmery softness of seashells, the soft blues from the water and sky.

Jessica at Design Seeds is a color consultant.  On her blog, she takes an image and creates a color palette inspired by the image.  Her work is AAAH-MAAAA-ZING!  Check it out.  Here are some color palettes I selected from Design Seeds, which remind me of the beach:

The feel of the sand underfoot – Beach Tones.

The sound of waves – Crashing Hues.

The smell of the beach – Setting Hues.

The squinty bright sunshine – Mental Vacation.

The taste of ice cream – Scooped Tones.

Everyone responds to color.  What color makes you happy? (purple is my choice)  What color makes you feel mellow? (pastel turquoise for me)  What color gives you a headache?  (neon yellow-ouch)  Color in a room can create a certain mood like peacefulness or energy.  Color in a room can remind you of a favorite vacation or place.  Color your world by finding your color inspiration and bring it into your home, too.



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