Happiness is…a small moment

Happiness is… my 6 year old daughter who wants to flop in my lap, because she is tired but I’m in the middle of paying bills and I have 15 minutes to get it done before the school bus comes. And I really need 25 minutes to get it done.

So in actuality, it’s not happiness. It’s a little stressful for me, because I really want to get the bills paid. I really want to check “bills” off the to do list. But I breathe for a second or two…breathe….breathe… and I realize that in this moment, this very small moment, it’s more important to hold my daughter in my lap, rub her head and comfort her. Thirty seconds later, she’s full of energy and off playing with our dog, Lucy.

Happiness is… taking a small moment to breathe and be present with her, having my daughter flop in my lap and know that I love her.



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