The Art of a Thank You Note

We’ve opened our Christmas gifts. We’re using a new camera or playing a new board game or wearing a new sweater. We love our gifts. But do we slow down a bit and write a thank you note to the gift giver?

The written word is an art form.  The stationary is a piece of artwork too.   It’s so special to receive a handwritten note.  In fact, I received a personalized note from my niece,Sissy, in a robin’s egg blue, modern, chevron design created by Naomi Lynn (36 color choices).  It is a lovely piece of art besides being a thank you note.

And that got me thinking…what stationary would I choose for myself?  There are many beautiful stationary choices to suit your style too.

If you like a simple thank you card in a happy pink and yellow print, the design by Ink Print Letterpress might be for you.

Maybe a classic letterpress thank you notecard is your style. Ruby Press creates a simple card with your choice of envelope color.

A monogram is always a great choice.  Studio Elle creates a customized card set letting you choose the background color, font style and monogram color.  It’s all about you.

For my little ones, I particularly like the fill-in the blank notes and the girls just sign their name. In fact, I fill in the card as they open their gifts, so there’s no chance of confusion ~ who gave what to whom ~ and the thank you is almost done. The Speckled Duck has a Santa Christmas fill in style for the kids.  Festive.  Simple.

Sarah & Abraham Stationary create a personalized card with your child’s name and features – face, hair color and style, eye color, outfit color and more.

After you make your selections, you have a beautiful stationary set made only for your child.  How cool is that?

With pretty stationary in hand, this weekend we will be writing our thank you notes, I hope.



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