The 3 R Song

Jack Johnson wrote a cool song called the 3 R Song.  It’s a part of the 2006 Curious George Movie soundtrack.  Anyway it goes kinda like this “We got 3 R’s we’re gonna talk about today… Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.  This is a common phrase heard around our home and said by mwah.  If a light is left on and no one is in the room, “reduce, reuse and recycle” means turn off the light please.

Here’s another way to reduce, reuse, recycle.  On Christmas Eve after Santa has left all the goodies, the tree looks like this… pretty!

2011 Christmas tree

After unwrapping presents, we this.  Not so pretty.

So instead, reuse the wrapping paper.  Into the paper shredder it goes and there is a pretty pile of this.  Woohoo!

Use the pretty paper shreds to pack the Christmas ornaments until next year.  

It can also be used as packing for a birthday gift in a shipping box instead of the styrofoam pellets.  My girls like to pretend it is snow, because we haven’t gotten any yet or at least not enough to have a snowball fight or go sledding.  Note to self – it does make a big mess, so have the paper snowball fight outside.

Here’s a little of Jack Johnson singing the 3 R Song.  Enjoy!



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