A Prayer For Angels

I received some sad news this morning.  Sarah is a second cousin of Mr. Rosey and a freshman in college.  Her good friend and roommate, Marissa, died of an aneurysm recently.  Marissa was 18 years old.  As I read the email, I began to cry as any parent would.  It’s hard to understand why someone so young would die.  As my daughter says, “Mommy you’re not old.  You’re medium.”, so to me 19 is too young.

The anniversary of my Grandma’s death is in two days, January 7th.  She was 91 years old when she passed away two years ago.  She had a full and rich life and I would still say she was too young.  I miss her so much.  Loss of a loved one at any age is difficult.  We will always miss them.  We will always remember them.  They will always hold a special place in our heart and soul.  We are blessed to have walked the brief path of life with them.  They are guardian angels now for us.


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