Lots of Lemons? Make Lemonade

We didn’t have a white Christmas this year.  For whatever reason, we are having very mild weather and normally I’d give a big “Woohoo!”, because I hate (strong word) so I’ll say it again so you know I truly mean it…I hate the cold all the way through your bones weather.  The problem is our girls got ice skates and Blackhawks jerseys for Christmas.   As an aside, Mr. Rosey should be sainted, because he’s a HUGE Detroit Redwings fan and now his girls are wearing Blackhawks jerseys and he doesn’t even grunt and say “Grrrr”.

So here’s the lemons…

Rainy pond

It’s snowing…errr I mean raining.  You got it.  We have no ice.  We have a pond of water – great in the summer, not great in the winter when you want to ice skate and play ice hockey.

So Mr. Rosey, being the creative genius that he is, came up with plan B.  Let’s play hockey in the garage and so they did.  SCORE!!!  Ala lemonade.



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